John Sweeney

The MOEment you realise your a leader’

My talk will be focusing on how important it is to start with you and be kind to yourself. I’ll share my personal story of how Darren found me, and changed my life, by bringing me to MOE to train as a coach. I’d always felt in the back of my mind I was a leader but I was afraid to admit it to myself, and with the training I got with MOE, it completely opened my eyes to a whole other world I never knew was there. I promise for my story to be full of authenticity, laughs, honesty and perhaps a tear or two.

John Sweeney is a social entrepreneur and kindness coach from Cork, Ireland. He is the Founder and Chief Kindness Officer of Suspended Coffees, the world-wide social movement that has positively impacted and changed millions of lives around the world, and now reaches over four million people on a regular basis. He is an acclaimed international speaker, with two TEDx talks to his credit, and an adept storyteller with expertise in building social connections for brands.