Elizabeth Wainwright

Listening for Root Solutions: New ways of working in International Development

International Development gets criticised; whether for wasting money, being too top-down, or being too donor-driven. But there is another way. Elizabeth will talk about her experiences of ‘international development’; including what works and what needs challenging. She will share stories of change and empowerment, and discuss how bringing our whole selves to this conversation will create outcomes that transform not just the communities we work with, but ourselves too. If we can challenge and provide alternatives to the poverty mindset, we can transform the world — one conversation at a time.

Elizabeth Wainwright co-leads an organisation that facilitates community-led transformation of health, wellbeing & happiness in Africa & Asia, where she has also lived & worked. She is also a personal coach & thinking partner for social leaders and change makers. She is also a writer, connector, learner and loves the wild!