Eleanor Seaver

What Would A 9 Year Old Do? Children as teachers, adults as students

Eleanor Seaver, founder of an International Charity promoting the voices of socially excluded children in the UK and Mexico, will share the falls and flights of The Seaver Foundation in the past 6 years. She will discuss the most effective ways to empower ourselves and young people by turning the tables around and upside down so that the adults become the students, learning from the optimism and resilience of children. Practical ways that you can adopt this approach will be shared and as always the discussion will be open to your input so that we can continue learning as we go!

Elle was bred in the North-East, and is inspired by those she holds close there. She broke the trend of peers to attend University & study Psychology & Masters in Children’s Rights. She founded her own charity to address the lack of attention to the voices of children by those claiming to serve them.