27th September 2018

Moevement Conference


July 14th 2016, we begin the MOEvolution

Moevement Conference


July 14th 2016, we begin the MOEvolution


Let’s change your world, together!
One step at a time.

Do you have a story you want to share?
A business idea but no idea how to get it off the ground?
A career vision but no clarity on the next steps?
Do you have a big dream for your life?
Do you want to make a difference?

If you answered YES to any of these, then you’ve found the right AWESOME community to come and learn, share and play with…

We call this purposeful play and we would love you to come and collaborate with us


Ordinary people sharing their extraordinary
dreams and life stories

Too often we hold ourselves back from reaching our full potential.
All of our speakers have had to overcome real challenges.
They are just like you, people who have a dream.

This one day conference gives you the opportunity to hear their inspirational stories and very real lessons learnt.

Event Location

London EC2

More about the conference

MOE Gifting and
Contribution Culture

Discover what type of entrepreneur you are and what type of entrepreneurial drive you have.

MOEvement Speakers 2016


Social entrepreneur and kindness coach from Cork, Ireland. He is the Founder and Chief Kindness Officer of Suspended Coffees…

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Founder of an International Charity promoting the voices of socially excluded children in the UK and Mexico

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Juan began his career at Citigroup, working in SME Finance in Mexico. He then moved into wholesale microfinance…

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Tracy Skyrme

Tracy Skyrme introduces Eudomonics and being your best

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I will talk about my journey to discovering why the greatest thing I could be was me. From when I first started to feel depressed, to where I am today, my thoughts, feelings, inspirations, and my motivation.

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Over 10 years in business where he worked for major brands like Mercedes, Coca-Cola, Nivea he decided to quit his job as managing partner in Berlin and go on a new adventure

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Yoga teacher and a life coach, an actress, a dancer, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a friend, a teacher, a lifelong student and much more

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Daniel Marshall is a criminologist and social entrepreneur. A former police officer of six years, he completed a PhD in 2012 focused on the experiences of youth justice practitioners

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Isabel Cooke introduces Barclays and Rise

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Liz & Tracy

Liz Wilson & Tracy Skyrme – Building habits to be your best

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Liz Wilson

Liz Wilson – Treasure Hunting

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Studied Multimedia in Computing at Manchester Metropolitan University. She realised she didn’t want to stay in that field and subsequently fell into recruitment

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Elizabeth Wainwright

Co-leads an organisation that facilitates community-led transformation of health, wellbeing & happiness in Africa & Asia

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Nicole Berg is a professional coach who specialises in purposeful leadership of self and others. With nearly a decade of experience in SME management

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Alex a young, dynamic and competitive person with a burning desire to make the world a better place.

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Aaron Lambert, a creative Postgraduate of the Arts who is in the process of becoming an accredited Coach.

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Darren Robson

5 compelling reasons to JOIN the MOEVEMENT

  • MOE Foundation has gifted over £1.4 Million worth of support
  • MOE is about championing, celebrating and creating opportunity for young, and not so young, people
  • MOE is about community, it’s about Making A Difference in a MOEMENT
  • MOE is about creating the gift economy through purposeful entrepreneurial activism
  • Ultimately MOE is about YOU and how we can HELP you to live your lifelessordinary